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Biological Health Services


Biological Health Services is an environmental testing lab and consultancy that offers indoor air quality and environmental microbiology consultancy and a comprehensive building inspection and assessment services for mold and other microbial contaminants related to known or unknown water damage. They help get fast answers for people worried about indoor air quality and the potential risks from unexpected water and mold growth. They are engaged by homeowners, managers, landlords, tenants and insurance sectors to offer quality analytical services support, laboratory analysis and reporting. They deliver economic, scientific and straightforward mould inspection brisbane strategy to inspect and assess your home, office or building to make sensible decisions regarding your property. Bacteria, Fungi, mite, and Virus are sometimes hidden and difficult to find. They use techniques for mold decontamination in schools and dwellings where there has been water damage caused by rain, floods or plumbing issues and have efficient methods for working with tenants and real estate property managers, as well as owners and strata apartment managers.


They use sophisticated techniques to determine and identify how the building interior may be affected. Biochemistry, aerobiology, microbiology and thermal imaging are used to take care of the problem. Based on the assessment results, Biological contaminants are disinfected and removed using a variety of bio-decontamination treatment methods suited to the building. Environmental friendly methods are usually used wherever possible for safety and peace of mind. They thoroughly test interior of the facility using standard microbiological and indoor air quality methods to ensure safety based on the initial inspection done to determine the extent of the problem and issue compliance certificate after. They prepare a scope of works for cleaning and treating for the most challenging biological contaminants within the built environment.  They report transparent findings and detail environment situation as accurate as possible since they are an independent Lab.  Watch to learn more about biological testing.


Biological Health Services offers building inspection and lab assessments for mould remediation, mould damage consulting, and advice on mould cleaning and treatment options and also provide bioassessment, lab-testing and remediation of biological contamination in commercial and domestic dwellings and applies solutions that are rapid, on-site, cost-effective and safe to the environment and to your plant and equipment. Hospital and healthcare are offered solutions for dealing with infections, antibiotic-resistant microorganisms, superbugs, viral outbreaks. Their services are also used by medical practitioners to decontaminate the consulting and waiting rooms, elderly care, daycare and home-based disability care.


it is always vital that you carry your won survey before you settle for any particular Biological Health Services provider.